Mac Pro


Ease of use

We love the Mac Pro. It is great looking piece of engineering but sometimes, we wish it is a bit easier to handle. Rotating it can be a hassle. The problem with a cylindrical design is that there is no hand hold to rotate the Mac Pro. Why rotate? Because all of its ports are located in the back. In a world of frequent USB use, having to reach behind the Mac Pro can be inconvenient or, depending on where it is stored, perhaps impossible.


Aside from this one design flaw, there really isn’t anything else. Instead, it is the rest of the desk space we find to be lacking. For such a beautifully designed device, its beauty can be loss among the cable clutter of a desk. There are many cable organizers out there but none are combined in an all inclusive accessory.


For such an expensive investment, let’s not security. It is better to be safe than missing a Mac Pro that you left out in the open. With the Pro Base, space is saved and the Mac Pro is now more convenient and secure, all within one accessory. Three features for the price of one. A practical and quality design - now that’s better living.