AirBase offers a stylish and efficient approach in its design to optimize the 11n/ac speed  for the increased wireless range and coverage of AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule. With its anodized aluminum and polycarbonate cap, AirBase protects your Time Capsule/Extreme while providing a beautifully simple aesthetic to compliment Apple’s look and feel.

With two Torx head screws and a Kensington lock slot, absolute safety and security is ensured when mounting  in public spaces. Lock in your Apple Extreme/Time Capsule and lock out thieves.

AirBase can be attached anywhere to effortlessly enhance the wireless mesh network in your home or office. With its six wall mounting holes [designed to screw directly to both single and dual gang US wall boxes] and four ceiling mounting holes, AirBase can be installed in any direction, bridging the gap between connection and speed.
Slots cut in the exact Apple AirPort Extreme/Time Capsule venting location ensure constant air circulation preventing the risk of decreased performance or damage caused by overheating, keeping you cool under pressure.


Mounting your router against a parting wall is great for the neighbors, but you're losing out on a huge amount of performance. By creating a more direct WiFi signal away from obstacles, AirBase gives you a guaranteed, measurable increase in performance when changing to a centrally mounted ceiling location. Sit back and enjoy the significantly improved WiFi performance as a result of correctly mounting your AirPort Extreme/Time Capsule.