Our products are designed to empower education and improve the classroom environment. We designed our products so you 
and your students can enjoy a cord-free, tidy and elegant classroom. 
Apple TV has full compatibility with other iOS and Mac devices such as iPad or MacBook. This means that you can connect 
these devices and forget all the hassle of projectors and the dreaded tangle of cables that limit you to the front of the
 classroom. Just install the Apple TV on the wall or ceiling to create a mess-free, uncluttered workspace. Installing such a 
setup is simple: Just slide and lock in — your  classroom is now transformed into a powerful learning environment. 
You can mirror an iPad screen, play educational videos or show presentations with just a touch of the remote. 


Our mounted Apple TV solution AirLatch makes it unbelievably easy to project your lessons anywhere in the room, increasing
 teachers’ mobility and freedom to walk around the classroom. Even students sitting in the back can enjoy the same attention
and quality of learning without getting off track. 


 Worried about the safety of your Apple TV? Don’t be. Our mounts are made of strong PC/ABS construction and an advanced 
Torx screw security, which ensure that the Apple TV is safe from hands that can grab or knock over your
valuable Apple devices.


 Have you experienced the inconvenience of a weak wireless signal in your classroom? Keeping a school thoroughly connected

can be a hard task. Our AirLock and AirBase were designed to improve schools' wireless networks and contribute to a

better learning experience.


 Save time and add efficiency by using our products to create a strong and widespread wireless mesh that will cover each and 

every classroom properly. Keeping connected has never been simpler. Just mount your Apple AirPort Express with the AirLock 

or your Apple Extreme/Time Capsule with the AirBase and enjoy a teaching process devoid of any Internet issues.


With maximum security of your devices in mind, be rest assured that both the AirLock and AirBase come with a Torx screw
security system [AirBase and AirGuard combo also include a Kensington Lock]. Ceiling mount your devices in public areas
without having to worry about someone knocking them over or taking them.


 AirLock and AirBase are perfect for schools with a large number of students and facilities — each with multiple wireless devices.

 By using them you can be confident in having established a reliable, secure, and powerful wireless infrastructure across

classrooms and the whole campus.

 Giros Design values knowledge and education. We do our part to support President Obama's ConnectED and schools and wish to offer a 15% discount for all educational institutions.
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