General FAQ's

What is your return/warranty policy? 

30 days return guaranteed; must be undamaged and in its original packaging. Lifetime warranty for any manufacturing defects on our end. 


Are there any coupon codes available? 

Yes! We have a discount code: Giros0919 for first time purchasers! Enter it in the checkout screen. 


Apple Accessories 

What kind of security measures are in place to protect my Apple products?

For our AirBase we have a dual security system of a standard Kensington lock slot and unique Torx screw — when ceiling mounted your Apple Extreme is as good as theft proof. 

The AirLock and AirLatch also have the Torx screw and key which means that unless you have the specific Torx key, which are not prevalent and which we provide to you, to unlock the screw, your Apple devices are also locked in so you have peace of mind when installing all your Apple products with our mounts.  


Just how strong are these mounts?

Although they aren’t superman, we have earthquake tested each of our mounts with varying frequencies for up to 50 Hz and they all held on firmly and securely to the end. Though light and elegant, our mounts are also sturdy and reliable.  

Check out our vibration testing video here.


Can I switch between the AirLock and AirLatch for my Apple Express and TV? 

Yes! The two mounts are exactly the same so you can switch them between the Apple TV and Apple Express if you want to contrast the black and white coloring. 



Why should I ceiling mount my Apple Extreme or Apple Express? Where should I mount it to get the best signal? 

Two concepts: “line-of-sight”, and the “higher is better”. The former means that if you can physically see your Apple Extreme/Express you should have strong wireless signal. Also, the higher you place your device, the more widespread the signal since there is less obstruction to the signal near the ceiling. Therefore, if your Apple device is located in your office in the far corner of the house then you will receive the strongest signal in your office. Centrally mounted in your office or home on the ceiling is the optimal place to get the maximum wireless range and signal. 

Also, when you mount on the ceiling it is near impossible for someone to tamper with or steal your valuable Apple Extreme or Express. 


Will the AirBase base unit scratch my Apple AirPort Extreme/Time Capsule?

Not at all! Although we made sure to design our AirBase with precise measurements to fit well enough so that your Apple Extreme/Time Capsule doesn't move around but with just enough space so your device can easily be inserted.


Does the metal construction of the AirBase scratch my Apple AirPort Extreme/Time Capsule?

No. The location of the antennas are placed at the highest point in the Extreme/Time capsule to increase wifi coverage. The sheet metal stops far below this point, ensuring WiFi performance is not compromised. Please see our news article for more information regarding this issue.


How does AirBase help me in my small business?

Schools, hospitals, malls or any public place experience greater network range and performance. With AirBase’s flexibility to be mounted anywhere, including the ceiling, and its dual security system, public places can mount their Apple Extreme/Time Capsule with fear of theft or tampering. Apple products also use “AirPort Utility,” a network management software that can extend an existing network or create a wireless mesh with much less cable clutter. All of the Giros Design mounting solutions help you take better advantage of these features to enjoy a secure and fast wireless network. 



Why should I buy an AirLatch? I can just put it on the TV stand next to my television. 

Good question! 

1. Do you have children in your home? Grabby hands can knock down or play with your expensive Apple TV! Mount it up high behind the TV or on the wall so that it’s safe from curious kids. 

2. Do you hate mess? Having an AirLatch can instantly organize the TV cables, streamlining the back of your TV so that it’s easy to see what goes where. 

3. Do you want to keep your AirLatch locked in and thieves out? Check out our theft deterrent FAQ but essentially the unique Torx screw and key make it so that only you have the power to unlock your Apple TV.


There are so many Apple TV mounts out there why should I choose the AirLatch? 

Made out of strong PC/ABC (high caliber plastic) material,  the AirLatch reflects the Apple TV in design and quality of work. Other Apple TV mounts may have the same price tag, but use poor grade materials. Take a look at our manufacturing and vibration testing videos (in our “News” section) and you can see that each AirLatch is made with meticulous care and is tested against the strongest vibrations. Our sliding mechanism makes it easy to insert the Apple TV in any position bypassing the potential to scratch your Apple TV when mounting.


Will my Apple TV remote work if my Apple TV is hidden out of sight?

Apple TV is controlled with Apple’s remote based on IR technology (line-of-sight), but you can also use the Apple TV app on iPhone or iPad which works using WiFi rather than line of sight.

If you want to use your Apple TV remote, we recommend having the AirLatch mounted close to your television so that the remote signal has an unobstructed reach. (The signal can also bounce off the walls or ceiling to reach the Apple TV)


How do I mount my Apple TV with the AirLatch?

For a quick mount you can use the included 3M double sided, pressure sensitive adhesives to mount the AirLatch on the back of your TV.

For a more robust installation use the two screws and wall anchors for a more permanent mounting solution with better security measures.


Does this fit all Apple TV models?


Key Covers


Can the Toyota Corolla/Camry key cover be used for any other Toyota cars?

If your car key looks like the one in our product images then it will also fit over and protect those keys fobs.