Home Installation

So, you have redesigned your entire home in pursuit of the perfect environment for you or your family, but even the most 
mainstream houses are not safe from the pain of numerous cables and cords. Our custom designed products have an
 important purpose: to ensure you have a clean-cut tech and entertainment experience when you are at home.
 You can get rid of all the clutter by mounting your Apple Extreme or Time Capsule on a wall, directly in the wall box, or
ceiling. Our AirBase and AirGuard will help you improve your environment. Enjoy strong, secure wireless network 
signal everywhere and a marvelously organized living space.
 With AirBase/AirGuard or AirLock you can establish a high speed connection that keeps your home devices linked no 
matter their location. Take pleasure in fast video streaming, easy wireless lights setup, and fully connected wireless
devices. Our products unlock a new world of opportunities when it comes to your personal living space. 
 Proper security has always been a significant part of our product design. Your devices are completely safe with our 
unmatched safety measures. The strict Torx screw security will make sure your devices remain unharmed and 
stable no matter if you mount them on your walls or on your ceiling [AirBase and AirGuard combo also
include a Kensington Lock]
Are you looking forward to building the ultimate home theater? Do you dread seeing cords and cables all over your otherwise 
perfectly organized home? Pull the plugs on your cable TV, mount your Apple TV to experience a new streamlined environment. 
You deserve it. 

  For resellers or integrators who are interested in selling Giros Design products please email us at info@giros-design.com for more information.